As a child growing up in a multilingual environment, you probably had one dream: when I grow up, I want to be a translator! Granted, not all of them can reach that dream. Some of them will end up teachers, some will become writers, and others will become writers and start writing content in said foreign language.

If you do, however, succeed to land work as a translator, you should know that this job comes with a couple of perks. Indeed, the task requires strong skills, and you will spend most of your days talking and writing in a foreign language to the point where you may even forget which one is your mother tongue.

At the same time, however, the job is very interesting, and there are a few good reasons why you might enjoy it.

  1. You can be your own boss

You can work as a translator from an office if you prefer the corporate environment and the promise of a fixed salary every month. Or you can find the best translation site and work as a freelancer. However, once you get your authorization to be a translator, you will no longer be forced to spend your days locked in a cubicle, socializing with people you don’t particularly like.

While you will still need clients to request for translation, you won’t need to work under anyone’s orders. With the internet today, it’s very easy to cast the net and build a reputation that will land you clients. You will be your own boss, without anyone dictating your every step or admonishing you for everything that you do.

  1. You’ll get a multicultural experience

Those who only know one language will only be tied to their own culture, without insight on any other one. A person working in the translating field, on the other hand, will be with one foot set in both worlds. You’ll be in touch with many people from all across the globe, learning about their food, their way of life, and particularities of a certain culture.

You’ll be traveling through different countries simply by means of text and experience their world more than other travelers ever will. With your knowledge, you’ll basically become a cultural ambassador.

  1. You’ll have a competitive salary

It is a well-known fact that translators have salaries that are higher than the average – especially if you land work in technical translating. They even earn more than those working in the government. In the US of 2012, the average income of a translator was $45,500 per month, while the “veterans” would go as high as $91,800. It’s pretty convenient, considering that all you have to do is sit in front of a laptop and write.

  1. Your brain gets a workout

Since you are proficient in more than just one language, you are instantly part of the smarter people category. There have been various studies where they found that a person able to speak in multiple languages possesses a more active brain. This makes sense, considering that unlike most of the people who only speak one language, you can think in two of them.

  1. You’ll have an exciting life

If you translate works online, then you can work from wherever you want, as long as you have a laptop. So, if you want to spend your workday lounging on a beach, listening to the sound of the waves, then nothing can stop you. Plus, if you are collaborating with tourists or business professionals, you may also get the benefits of nice surroundings and good food.

You may have to spend long hours as a translator with your work – even odd hours – but the perks will surely outweigh any drawbacks.