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With my exams coming up, I sincerely did not have time to perform all tasks that required my creativity. I also had to organize my sister’s wedding, which meant traveling back and forth between provinces.

I knew I could have my essay written professionally online. However, I had no prior experience with any online writers, and there was no time for research or checking testimonials on MyHomeworkDone. Therefore, I chose the one that looked appealing to my eyes and that was

Very High Prices

The prices quoted per page were way too high. It was frustrating since they had neither a promo code nor coupon codes for their services. Also, there were no discounts and I had to pay the whole amount through PayPal. However, they managed to convince me that the quality of work they deliver is superb and is worth every coin!

They also said the project would take three days to be completed from the day I contacted them. With the layout on their website, I had no reason or inclination to doubt their word. I paid the money and gave them all the necessary details. It felt good to have that settled. It was a burden lifted off my shoulders and it felt so good that I did not stop to think of the deal being a bit too good.

Delayed Work

I checked in on two days after the submission of my essay requirements and felt a bit discouraged for not getting a prompt response but that did not deter me.

There was still a day to go before I received the work on my email, to review and get back to My Homework Done with corrections if any. I knew there would be none, since they had advertised all these extra services like proofreading, plagiarism checker, receiving a summary and a draft so I could control the work as they developed my essay.

This was quite reassuring and made me feel as if I was in control and could at least be able to feel like I directed if not acted in my writing.

Bad Reviews

It caused me a bit of anxiety since I had not received any feedback by the morning of the third day, as that meant I had very little time to make any corrections. I did not exactly want to have to call the toll-free number and wait on the line because time was of the essence. Still, anxiety rose as I mentally waited, and kept checking my email for any correspondence.

By 11 am, I decided to browse again and was overwhelmed by the customer reviews.

My heart was pounding as I read negative review after negative review on My Homework Done, something I had entirely disregarded to check before signing up with them. I wish I’d spent some to find reviews from professionals before getting my self into such troubles.

Poorly Rated

The customers’ complaints ranged from delayed work, to work submitted on time, but missing some pages and or done against the client’s instructions. It was then that it hit me that all the positive customer service upon signing up was an attempt to lure many innocent clients, yet they were quite incapable of delivering performance.

The rating at the top right side of the site was 1 star. I had missed that little fact when signing up, which made me feel disappointed in myself as my hurry had proved to be unprofitable.

Delivering Little or Nothing at all was a total disappointment, promising a lot but delivering little or nothing at all. They delivered my work four days later, with no apology, and had not contacted me despite the various attempts to reach them.

By the time they delivered my very unsatisfactorily written essay, I had already paid another site that wrote and delivered my essay in a record of two days. I wouldn’t advise anyone to hire this company. They will totally disappoint you. Beware!

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