About us

Hi there! I’m Daniela McVicker, a blogger of the EducateTips blog. Back in my teens I found school boring and useless, no need to say I had regretted having this attitude afterwards 🙂

Having traveled all through Europe and Asia I collected strategies to enhance students’ learning experiences. So, here I try my best to write for the future of education, share valuable tips and innovative resources for learners and educators to make studying engaging and fun. I also make use of my degree in social psychology by giving out some tricks to charming an HR and landing your dream job.


Writing might be challenging, but it is a key that leads to your academic success and eventually your graduation from college. It is important that you get help whenever you need it. With my studying tips, you can develop the confidence that you require in pursuing your coursework, and undertaking any academic work that comes your way. You should not have to part with your money to receive academic help. When you follow the tips accordingly, you will perform well in your assignments, and get the grades that you deserve.


My study tips presented in this blog will get you out of the anxiety that overcomes you whenever your instructors give you academic assignments with short deadlines. They represent various topics and subjects too that are unique and creative. I hope, that my blog will help you succeed in your educational tasks. Your academic future is secured when you can successfully write impressive academic papers. The articles I provide contain the required information that you can use as your guidelines to write your documents from scratch accurately, and they remain original.